ANTHROPOGENIC, the 7th kingdom

In the Anthropocene nature is not the only agent that make global scale changes on earth. Human gained the technological resources to control and modify parameters on our ecosystem that were restricted to nature before. Climate change, massive extinctions, and genetics are some of them.

This project talks about a near future where genetic design is a wide spread technic available for everyone. In 2018 the first synthetic living bacteria was designed and created from the scratch, and the moment where we can use genetics freely to decide how new living forms should be is there.

I use real images from natural tissues and mix them with AI algorithms to make what a inter-kingdom group of cells would look like, new tissues that will form new living beings that will share this earth with us.

In this proposal we face the real power of science to design our biological future, with all the uncertainties and exciting challenges that this implies. Our ability to evolve and adapt to changes will define our future, or perhaps we are closer to controlling our destiny.

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