After finishing my studies in Forestry Engineering, I studied a MA in Landscape Architecture/Urban Planning
and a few years later another MA in Landscape Architecture/Gardening. I felt a wide side of myself
unattended and I decided to follow my creative side.

After choosing art as my life path four years ago, my scientific and technical background formed a strong
foundation to support all the new ideas that were blooming in my imagination.
I work with plants, animals, ceramics, but also with sound, AI and new technologies, always adapting material
and media to the ideas I want to share, and never prioritizing media to concept.

I had to develop a new language for these new topics that I was trying to discuss about, and data, biological cultures, topography or ecology became my new artistic environment. Use of mostly sustainable materials
as a matter of fact is rooted in my strong belief that my work should not last, as a way to assume our
temporary influence on earth cycles.

My proposals should open question marks about this post-natural era where human changes in the
environment finally reached geological scale, where human communities are creating a new statement for
the environment, and we do not even have the tools to measure the consequences.

Nature and human behavior are my constant source of ideas, and I root my work on anthropological,
ethological and ecological concepts, but always understanding human existence as a single part of the
whole system.