Our approach to nature was always a matter of survival. Knowing nature is the way we have to feel safe in this aggressive environment. Nowadays science give us the unreal certainty to control our faith but it wasn’t always like this.

Geometry (from γῆ (gê, “earth, land, country”) + -μετρία (-metría, “measurement”) was created to measure the land, but not as a part of a whole ecosystem, it was invented to give real measures to our ecosystem, to set the boundaries of nature.

Plato defined the platonic solids in an attempt to organize the unknown and gave names and shapes to the undefined nature. Using geometry, he associated the elements from nature with certain perfect shapes, but he understood that there is an energy that keeps everything together, he called it universe.

Math, physics, chemistry …. Are all a single small part of the whole. Dividing the unknown is the way to understand the single. Linneo gave us the actual taxonomy system and genetics developed new ways of classifying, but we still don´t understand why all this living and not living structures exist.

This installation explores the boundaries between human and nature made and theirs relations, starting from geometrical shapes I explore the Natural kingdoms defined in taxonomy as a way to classify animals, plants, minerals… this is a natural human attempt to understand nature, but considering this unpredictable cohesive energy, this apparent randomness, the reason to exist of every piece.

In this project nature is free to recover its space in this ecosystem, or not, re-conquering my human attempt to give shape to nature.

Seven nature kingdoms for seven geometries.

Regnum plantae

Regnum lapideum

Regnum fungi

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