Wind, rain, birds … affect our mood in a subtle but intense way. The main challenge of this project is to capture, interpret and translate all these external influences and make them perceptible to us.
Humboldt understood 250 years ago that nature consists not only of plants, animals, rivers and mountains, and that the key to understanding the environment is the network of connections between all these elements.
When we are in a new environment, the first thing we do is use our senses to perceive what the landscape is telling us, to read the landscape in order to understand where we are, and to be able to create a synergy with nature that leads ourselves and our society to evolve in harmony with our environment.
This project discusses all this missing information that most of the time is fundamental in developing interactions with nature.
With this project we want to capture light, rain, wind, ph…we want to go beyond the mere description to weave that network of connections that Humboldt discovered, this time we will use sound and maybe music to interpret all this data. This project puts all this information together to create the sonic identity of the ecosystem in real time.
To capture all this information, I will use a combination of built-in sensors in a modular, portable, autonomous, and connected, ecosoundstem Station (ES). Once the station is set in a certain location it will start to collect environmental information and send it to the server where it will be translated.
The next step, will be the translation of raw data into sounds that we can all understand and empathize with, the music and local sonic identity of urban and natural ecosystems.
Music is the only universal language that transcends the barriers that separate us as human beings. We want to capture this cloud of information that is floating in the ecosystem and turn it into music, into sound waves that talk about what our environment is telling us and we cannot hear.
Once the ES is working and set in a specific environment, will be continuously transmitting data that will be continuously translated into music that could be heard online. It will be an available open-source project, and all the ES produced around the globe will be connected to the same website where a symphony of all the environments will be available, creating the network of music messages that will make our whole ecosystem more perceptible for us, and, hopefully, will also make our society more conscious to its message.

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